Cancer Survivor, Jessica Florence Shares Her Story On How She ‘Slayed’ The Virus

Jessica Geneva Florence, a cancer survivor has penned an amazing story of how she overcame the deadly virus In her…

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[PHOTOS] Pregnant Mom Poses With 20,000 Bees In Unique Maternity Shoot

You had better believe this is no photoshop! Mother-of-three, Emily Mueller celebrated her pregnancy by posing for a photoshoot with…

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Erotic: Sex With The Seductive Witch

“And it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born…

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Help!! Every Guy Wants To Have A Taste Of My Pretty 16-Year-Old Younger Sister, What Should I Do?

A guy needs your help in determining what to do as regards his 16-year-old SS3 sister who get swamped by…

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Erotic Revelation: How My Female Boss Tricked Me And Tried To R-ape Me

A female banker narrates her ordeal on how her boss nearly r-aped her after inviting her home. In continuation of…

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Erotic Revelation: How I Got Banged By My Boo And Uncle Same Day

I met Saheed one Wednesday afternoon, a day that happened to be my birthday. He offered me a lift home…

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