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Natural Way To Keep Your Lips Baby Soft

Dehydration and lack of giving proper attention to the lips make them crack, rough, dry and pale.

If you want baby soft, smooth lips for lipwears to glide on then you’ve got to keep your pout in the best shape- you should tend to it the way you do the facial skin and rest of the skin- Yes! you should pay attention to your lips by exfoliating.

Exfoliating the lips often ease dryness caused by harsh products, removes dead skin on the surface to reveal visibly smoother, cleaner, softer and fresher lips.

Infact, a quick way to tend to it daily is to use your damp brush on both lips after brushing your teeth to get rid of dead skin on the surface to reveal a new one. If this is done daily, you have a higher chance of having soft, kissable lips as against allowing dead skin pile on the lips making them darker, drier and cracks when you wear lipsticks (it’s worse when you use matte lipsticks).

One quick D.I.Y works perfectly to leave the lips smoother, finer and softer


1 tablespoon raw honey

1 tablespoon sugar

Few drops of fresh lemon juice


1. Mix all the above together in a clean bowl

2. Massage this all over lips for about a minute using clean fingers or toothbrush (using the bristles to pick)

3. Wipe this clean with a clean damp face cloth

4. Apply a moisturizing lip balm to lock in moisture

You can do this as often as necessary for visibly softer and smoother lips.

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